Dave’s Mud Shovel – Fatbike Fenders

This is something we’ve been waiting to see for a suprisingly long time: A simple, lightweight, inexpensive FatBike fender set that provides ample coverage for 80mm+ tires front and rear.

Dave’s Mud Shovels, made by Portland Design Works with input from FatBike legend Dave Grey, are super easy to set up, even easier to install, and do exactly what they’re supposed to do – keep the water, mud, and slush away from your body.  The rear fender attaches to and detaches from the seat post in seconds in exactly the same manner many other rear fenders do.  The front uses two rubber straps to cleanly mount to the down tube, and although it too pops on and off in a few seconds it’s more likely to stay on the bike full time, especially if you have a frame bag also sitting on your frame.

Actually, as we think about it, the front fender mounting bracket can remain on the frame while the front fender itself snaps on and off of the bracket – that might be how we use it in the future.

We’ve tested the rear fender on a Pugsley (pictured below) and have no reason it wouldn’t work just as well on a Mukluk, Beargrease, or other cousins, and word is that it also works on a Moonlander with close to 5″ wide tires.  Coverage in terms of length is ample for any FatBike.  The extremely brief video above demonstrates how good the coverage is.  Pause on the video near the end and notice how drive the dude’s backside is after ripping through that puddle.  Not bad.  Even better?  The fenders will set you back just $30 and $23 rear and front.