Assos Arm and Leg Warmers

Could it be that spring is finally, really arriving?!  It appears so, though that of course doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly beach weather.  It does mean that it’s time to get the summer bikes and kits out, but with the temps still stubbornly hovering around the freezing mark, at least in the mornings, a little extra skin protection may be required.

That’s why we stock arm and leg warmers.  Once the mercury creeps just above freezing we like to wear our summer kits with an extra layer under the jersey and something on our elbows and knees, like the warmers from Assos pictured below.

At $80 and $120 respectively these warmers aren’t the cheapest around, but they are arguably the best.  Seriously, they feel just superb.  If the spring budget demands restraint we do have some less expensive warmers in stock that do a very admirable job, but today we’re featuring the creme de la creme.  Come and check ’em out when you have a chance.