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Assos Shorts

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Alright, the picture is a bit over the top (though full credit to the dude for his sculpted physique) but the Assos bib shorts he’s wearing (the obliquely named T FI.UnoLogo’s) are amazing.  They’re just cut better, and therefore fit better, than anything else we’ve felt on our skin.

At $200 they aren’t cheap, but for high quality bib shorts they aren’t outrageously expensive either.  We also have the non-bib variety in stock for $10 less, but come on, go for the bibs!  They are so much more comfortable than wearing a waist band.  Each to their own though.

We have a few other in stock Assos products that we’ll be featuring in the coming weeks so keep checking here, or better yet visit the shop in person.

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