TRP Drilled Brake Levers

For all of you who weren’t cycling enthusiast 30 to 40 + years ago, there was a time when roadies tried to save weight by drilling holes in pretty much every piece of chrome on their bike, structural integrity be damned.  Of course eventually manufacturers realized that if there was enough strength in their components to perform under stress after being drilled to bits their parts were probably overbuilt, and in the subsequent years bike parts were refined and made with less material (and eventually with different material altogether).

Frankly, we’re better off with current component offerings -for all the drilling back in the 70’s top end road bikes still weighed 25 lbs.  Now they weigh half of that!  Still, there was a beauty to those old swiss cheese bike parts, so TRP has built a nostalgic set of pre drilled brake levers with gum coloured hoods to boot.

Designed with similar ergonomics to Campy brake levers of just a few years ago these levers are modern interpretation of their forbearers with internally routed cables and a relatively light weight, but they go very well with a retro build or a simply modern single speed or touring bike that uses thummies or bar cons, or a NOS road bike with down tube shifting.  Because they just brake (they don’t shift) they’re not really applicable to completely modern road set ups.

We have some gum coloured sets in stock right now, for $100 a pair.  They’re also available with black hoods at the same price.