Arkel Rear Pannier Rack

Pictured above is a great rack solution from Arkel.  Many of us like to ride our ‘high performance’ bikes on the daily commute in addition to our weekly fitness rides or races, but we don’t exactly want to mount permanent racks to them, yet we want to be able to load the bike up with stuff when we’re running errands.  To complicate matters many higher performance bikes don’t even have the eyelets or braze-ons required to install many conventional racks, so even if we were willing to put up with a rack on our fitness rides we’d have no obvious way to mount one.

Enter Arkel.  They’ve designed a seat post mount rack that, unlike other somewhat similar models out there, has quick release attachments to both the seat post and the seat rails.  This means it is far more stable than a rack that mounts just to the post, and it can support a lot more weight as well.

At $100 it’s not the cheapest rack out there, but with a rubberized post contact and a secondary seat rail contact it won’t mark up your prized (and expensive) bike(s), and it’s easily transferable to all of your bikes, so we think it’s well worth the cost.

Check out the brief video below that demonstrates just how the rack attaches to the bike: