Online Trail and Path Maps

Most Winnipegers agree that this isn’t the most bike friendly city in the world for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons we can only do so much about (e.g. Ice, snow, and frigid temperatures in the winter), and to some extent we’re completely at the mercy of others when it comes to the quality of our commute (e.g. Will motorists willingly share the road with us?), but there are some things that can be controlled and improved directly, and a couple of those things are an increase in bike specific transportation infrastructure and marked bike paths and trails.

What’s more, we can improve our situation by mapping the existing trail and path systems so that it’s easier to navigate.

The good news is that our pathways are improving and increasing, and there is now an excellent online resource that details where they are and how to use them. Click here to check out the Winnipeg Trails Association trails and maps pages. They include over 30 detailed maps and descriptions of local bike routes and an interactive Google based map is now in Beta mode.

Is Winnipeg the perfect bike city? Um, no. But it does have a lot going for it, like some gorgeous urban trail riding and a moderate size that keeps many destinations within a very reasonable cycling distance, and with superb resources like the Winnipeg Trails Association site cycling in the Peg gets better and better.