Cannondale Kids Bikes

Cannondale has really stepped up their game with their kids bikes offerings this year. Pictured below is arguably the nicest kids mountain bike we’ve ever had in stock.  The drive train is pretty basic (a grip shift set up front and rear – notably the grip shift is authentic Shimano instead of a knock off brand as is often the case on kids bikes), but the two pieces of this bike that really stand out are:

1) The lightweight aluminum frame that comes in 2 sizes (that is to say there are two different frame sizes for the same 24″ wheeled model).  It’s a high quality frame and it looks like a million bucks.

2) The fork.  It’s air sprung!  And it has lockout!  Let’s face it, most coil spring shocks on kids bikes get almost no use because the kids riding them (and the type of riding they do) just don’t activate the available suspension.  This air sprung fork is a totally different deal.  It’s supple and it can be adjusted to the weight and riding style of your child, and it really works.  That’s really, really cool.

At $500 this isn’t the cheapest kids bike we’ve ever had in stock, but considering how good it is it isn’t a massive price jump compared to other things on offer.  We swear spring will get here eventually so come and check these out soon and get prepared.