New Sugoi Jerseys

It’s hard to believe that short sleeved jersey weather is almost upon us, but in spite of the recent snow and frigid temperatures it will be here sooner than you think (or at least this is the positive mantra we repeat to ourselves a few times every morning as we shovel the walk).  In celebration of the spring that has to come whether it wants to or not we’ve started to display our summer cycling clothes, including these two new numbers from Sugoi.

The Red Truck jersey and the Lumberjack jersey (who are they fooling?…it’s a Hipster jersey) are cut to be reasonably form fitting but not ‘race tight’.  They have a good mid weight fabric that is quite breathable but also feels good on cooler spring days.  The best part?  They’re $75 each.  That’s a pretty good price for a couple of pretty good jerseys.

We have all sizes in stock now, but of course that will change along with the weather.  Really.