2012 Salsa Mukluk 3 on big sale!

In the last couple of years our FatBikes sales have really taken off.  It hasn’t hurt that as the niche matured manufacturers stepped up with more models and aftermarket components.  Salsa Cycles has committed to the movement in a big way with 2 aluminum and 1 titanium Mukluk model, and a lighter weight aluminum Beargrease (and even more surprises to come soon).

Despite their excellent sales this winter we have 3 Mukluk 3’s, like the one pictured above, left and we want to move them soon because believe it or not we’re already placing our order for the 2014 Salsa FatBikes.  This means that the regular price of $2000 has been discounted to just $1600!  We have 1 left each in 17″, 19″, and 21″ frame sizes.

Though they started out locally as winter bikes FatBike owners are finding that there are great reasons to ride these bikes in a variety of conditions year round, so take advantage of this end of winter sale to get started on some FatBike riding this spring.