Chris King

We love Chris King.  Well not the guy, personally; we’re sure he’s a nice guy and all but we don’t really know him.  We do however know his parts and he and his team make arguably the best parts in the business.  Many of us here at the shop ride exclusively Chris King headsets, and our best set of wheels are built up with Chris King hubs.

We typically have a few 1 1/8th King headsets in stock, but most other stuff from King we special order because everyone wants their component of choice in their favourite colour (Chris King offers most of their stuff in 10 different anodized colours), and they would simply be too much to stock if we wanted to have a couple of everything in house.

At any rate, we’re posting about Chris King today mostly because there’s a great article that’s just been posted featuring an interview with him over at VeloNews.  It’s worth the read, and if you’re not already familiar with the product or the man we think reading the article might inspire you to check out Chris King components the next time you’re building up a bike for yourself.