Surly Cross Check w Flat Bars

The Surly Cross Check has been an evergreen favorite for many of our customers in part because of how well the frameset lends itself to different types of set up.

It has a pretty neutral geometry that provides comfortable ride characteristics in most situations, it has ample tire clearance if you want to go with some big rubber, and it has rear dropouts that easily accommodate gears or a single speed hub. We’ve seen these bikes on the local ‘cross race circuit, rolling over urban single track, and on the daily commute.

Because everyone has a different set up idea for this bike we often sell it as a frameset that the customer then builds up with their choice of parts, even though it’s been available to us from the distributor as a complete bike build for some time.

In some cases though it can be cheaper for the customer to buy a complete bike instead of putting one together piece by piece, so we’re pleased to report that the CrossCheck is now available in two different complete builds, including the new flat bar single speed set up pictured below.

At just $975 the case for a pre built Cross Check is obvious; it’s a great, versatile bike for under a grand that can be tweaked whenever you like (by, say, slapping on some gears, a different style of bar, or different tires) for little additional cost.

Of course we still stock geared, drop bar Cross Checks and framesets too, so figure out what makes most sense for you and then swing by for a visit, or vice versa – it’s good either way.