Focus Mares AX 2.0 Disc

We recently posted about our latest Focus shipment arriving and today we feature one of the specific bike models that was a part of that allotment: The Mares AX 2.0 Disc.  In our opinion this bike stands out in 3 areas:

1) It’s a full Shimano 105 equipped ‘cross bike with high end alloy frame and plenty of other nice bits for $1680.  That’s a great price for what you’re getting.

2) It just looks great.  We can’t put our figures on exactly what makes it stand out but aesthetically speaking this bike can hold its own against something 3 times as expensive.

3) It has disc brakes. Disc equipped ‘cross bikes are still in their infancy but most major manufacturers are coming out with a model or two for 2013, and though it’s too early to tell if they’ll eventually take over the world we do anticipate seeing more and more of them out on the roads, trails, and  on the race course.

All in all, this is a great bike that we’re thrilled to have in stock, though we’d also be thrilled for you to take it from us, so feel free to check it out anytime.