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We’re sometimes surprised to see customers purchase new, expensive bikes from us (not that all of our bikes are expensive, whatever that term means to you) and then load them onto their vehicles using ill-fitting trunk, roof, or hitch mount racks that look as though they could easily damage their shiny new bike, or their car, or both.  For many of us our car and our bike(s) are the most valuable things we own, so making sure the equipment that connects the two fits and works well should be a priority.

That’s why we stock Thule racks.  Known universally as one of the two equally best sport rack systems in the world Thule designs stuff that works well no matter what you’re loading onto your vehicle and no matter what vehicle you’re driving.  For roof mounted systems Thule designs specific fit kits for every model of vehicle on the road.  They also design many different racks to hold your bikes in place many different ways depending on your needs and preferences.

We’re happy to help you determine your best rack options based on your vehicle and bike models, but if you’d prefer to do some research on your own the Thule Fit Guide is a great online resource.

We try to have the most common fit kits in stock along with the most popular rack options, and we’re happy to order in anything we don’t stock that you need.  For a small additional fee Thule will even send us what you need overnight (which often means 2 days depending on when the order is placed) if, for instance, your trip is coming up faster than you realized.  Whatever the case let us know of your needs and we’ll let you know how we, and Thule, can help.

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