Bell Gauge helmet

As you might imagine we get a lot of helmet questions in the shop, and most are about safety.  The truth is that all helmets we carry are endorsed by competent standards governing organizations such as CPSC, Snell, or CSA.  Those organizations mainly or exclusively test impact resistance, and while this is obviously important it’s also crucial to buy a helmet that fits well so it will stay in place during impact.

With all of that said, you do not necessarily need an expensive helmet to keep your head safe.  More money usually buys you something lighter and more ventilated though, and may riders find those attributes very attractive.  That’s why we stock helmets like the top bend Bell Gauge, selling for  $220 and pictured below.

It has a nice locking device and adjustment cam in the rear, but the big features for us are the number of vents (26) and the weight (240 grams).  The less it feels like we’re wearing a helmet the better (though we always wear ours, and encourage you to also) and this helmet feels like very little on our head.  That’s a good thing.