Actif Epica is almost here!

Update: A page containing live-updated pics, tweets, and checkpoint results can now be found here.

Just a reminder that Actif Epica, the winter endurance event, is coming up in about 24 hours (as of this posting, of course).  If you haven’t already entered the event or volunteered to help you can still take part by following along.

Checkpoints will be live-tweeting the event throughout the day (and night, depending how long it takes folks to complete the event); you can follow participant progress with the twitter name @ActifEpica and the hashtag #ActifEpica2 (note the 2 at the end of the hashtag).

Photos will also be uploaded during the event to Flickr at

We’ll also try to embed the live official twitter feed in the right hand column of this site’s homepage, so join in virtually this year however you can, and think about joining in person next time around.