Used Long Haul Trucker

Just a reminder that you can find our current used bike stock along the right hand column of our site’s homepage.   We update the list weekly, including at least a pic, model name, and price, and you are of course welcome to check out the rest of the details by visiting the shop in person.

Most of our used bikes come to us on trade so we tend to have a pretty mixed bag. One trade in example is the Surly Long Haul Trucker pictured below.  With a long wheel base, compliant steel tubing, downtube shifters and canti brakes, this bike is made to ride long distances on road, gravel, and dirt, and cause minimal mechanical fuss while still providing you with a full range of gears.

At just $925 it’s hardly much more than the new cost of just the frame and fork.  We have plenty of other great deals on a variety of used bikes, and of course the list always changes, so keep your eyes open for something that suits you.