Another Arrowhead Update – that’s a wrap

Update to the post below: Congrats to Hal, Lindsay, and Dan for making it across the finish line, and to Morgan, Dallas and Al for making it as far as they did before pulling out.  We assume there will be an OCC site update in the not to distant future.

Well a quick check of the leader board when we woke up this morning indicated that all of our riders are still in the event (to our knowledge), now spread over much of the course.  The 1st 3 finishers overall actually crossed the finish line well before midnight yesterday (and in record time) but many others will be trudging on for some time.

There was a winter storm warning in the area last night but from a quick check of the local radar it appears most of the heavy snowfall missed the route – hopefully that is indeed the case.

There’s another update on the OCC site, and there are constantly leader board checkpoint updates, so check them both out at your convenience.