Arrowhead 135 update (again)

There’s no new info on the OCC site yet (but keep checking it because new info is bound to be posted soon) but the official leader board indicates that all of the Olympia contingent except for Dallas and Al have been through the 1st checkpoint as of 11:41 this morning.

We’ve learned from previous years that there tends to be a bit of a lag between when participants actually go through the checkpoints and when updates to the leader board are made, but it’s still worth checking form time to time.

Update to the update: Dallas made it thru the 1st checkpoint shortly after we posted the above info, so we’re just waiting on Al to make it onto the board at this point.

Another Update: All of ‘our’ guys are at least thru the 1st checkpoint now, and some are passed the 2nd. There have also been a couple of updates to the OCC site, so check it and the official leader board out, especially if you want to follow progress thru the night.