Arrowhead 135

The Arrowhead 135 might just be the craziest bike race within a day’s drive of Winnipeg, though we suppose crazy is relative and subjective, so why don’t you be the judge?…

A whole bunch of participants associated with Olympia are entered in this year’s event, including Al Dixon, Lindsay Gauld, Morgan Porath, Dan Lockery, Dallas Sigurdur, and Hal Loewen. OCC members Ian Hall and David Pensato are volunteering their time and skills at the event’s 3rd checkpoint for 24 hours.

The race starts Monday, Jan 27th at 7:00 am. You can follow the progress of ‘our’ riders by heading over to the OCC site, and you can learn more about the race in general and follow everyone’s checkpoint progress by visiting the official Arrowhead 135 site and clicking the appropriate links from there.

Be sure to make yourself a nice cup of cocoa and a warm fire before you curl up with your laptop or mobile device to read all about the exploits of these guys, because just reading about their progress is bound to make you feel cold.