Actif Epica

Actif Epica is a uniquely Manitoban event.  Below is a cut and paste from the official website; check out their site directly for much more detail.

Actif Epica is a one-day, do-it-yourself outdoor active living celebration that will involve communities along the Crow wing Trail (part of the TransCanada Trail) in southeast Manitoba. Set against the backdrop of a 130km and run voyageur-style ultramarathon in the cold weather and brutal winds of a Southeastern Manitoba winter, five festival sites will glow with the warmth of community spirit, the strength of human ingenuity and the beauty of having fun whatever the temperature.

Actif Epica is a human-powered event, bringing communities together in a DIY celebration of human ingenuity in a cold (very cold) winter environment.

The inaugural edition in 2012 attracted 32 racers and over a thousand co-event participants. Actif Epica is a non-profit event.