Lindsay turns 1,000,000!

Lindsay Gauld, founder of Olympia, has been meticulously recording his bike riding milage since before he was training for the ’72 Olympics.  Next week he’ll be competing in the Arrowhead 135 and sometime during the event he’ll likely pass the 1 millionth kilometre mark!*

To commemorate this remarkable milestone a little event will be planned at the Forks for Saturday, February 2nd at 11:30 am.  We’ll post more info as the date approaches but be sure to keep the date open now and show up on your bike on the 2nd, and spread the word.

We’re looking forward to a LARGE group of riders congratulating Lindsay in the only logical fashion – on our bikes.

*Let us do the math for you: Riding 1 million km’s means Lindsay has ridden the equivalent of approx. 170 times across Canada, or about 25 times around the world (at the equator), or to the moon and back and most of the way there again. Yikes!