45nrth Wolvhammer Boot

Too often we have found new “winter cycling boot” promises to be left unfulfilled, mainly because winter is a relative term and many winter cycling accessories of yore were made for year ’round riding in, say, Seattle.  Yes it’s cold and damp on the coast in the winter but not exactly as cold as we get here in Winnipeg.

In the last few years, and not-so-coincidentally coinciding with the increased popularity of fatbikes, more softgoods manufacturers have been coming out with true Winnipeg winter products that can aid us on our coldest days.  The Wolvhammer boot pictured above has potential to be one of those products.  Admittedly we haven’t had a chance to test them yet in really cold weather (not that we’re really complaining) but they do provide ample coverage, an effective ankle pipe that keeps the warm in (and the cold out), windchill elimination, great water and snow resistance, and hopefully enough Thinsulate for the coldest days.

Well, the truth is that we don’t trust this boot on its own to help enough with the coldest days, and if the manufacturer made the boot effective enough for -35C there’s no way we could wear it when it was only -10C without overheating, so we understand the compromise.  That’s why we recommend buying the boot 1 or 2 sizes larger than what would be your ‘usual’ fit so you can use an extra pair or two of thick socks on really cold days without overstuffing them. Choosing different socks for different weather conditions should allow you to ‘customize’ these boots to be effective in anything our winter can throw at you.

Oh, and yes these boots are SPD compatible.  We wouldn’t really consider them ‘cycling’ boots without that feature. They also have reasonably stiff soles (but not so stiff that you can’t get off the bike and hike over the most impassible trail sections) and a fairly narrow side profile to eliminate or at least reduce side toe rub against your crankarm.

We just have a few pairs of these left in stock at the time of this posting (they’ve been going quickly since they came into the shop a few days ago) so if you’re interested be sure to check them out soon!