Mountain Hardwear Gloves

We’re pretty picky about the gloves we wear, and frankly we feel the winter temperatures in Winnipeg are so variable that we need a few pairs (maybe that sounds too much like a sales pitch, but the difference between -5 and -35 is pretty extreme).  The gloves pictured above, Mountain Hardwear Heavy Weight Power Stretch Gloves to be precise, are fast becoming favourite warmer weather winter gloves for us.  They’re small and light enough (despite their poorly chosen name) that we can do up our ski boots and make some adjustments to our FatBike setup in the cold without taking them off.

In less strenuous conditions they’re good up to about -10; if you’re really working hard they can be good up to -20 or so, unless there’s a big windchill.

We have a few sizes in stock at the time of this posting, all for $40 each.