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Lou’s are back in stock

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Lou’s are back!  We’ve been having intermittent trouble keeping up with customer demand for FatBike tires mostly because the manufacturers have been having trouble keeping up with our demand for more. That said, we’re happy to report that we again have ‘matching’ sets of Lou and Bud’s in stock.

For those not in the know these are knobby, aggressive tires made specifically for the fattest of FatBike rims that measure 100mm across, though we’ve also successfully mounted them to some 80mm Rolling Daryl’s and used them with a Mukluk after spacing the bottom bracket over a bit and losing the smallest cog.

The Lou’s are meant for the rear wheel while the Bud’s are meant for up front. As Surly’s site states “the shape of the tread (of the Lou) is designed to paddle rather than steer”.

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