Hero2 + wifi BacPac and remote on sale

If you haven’t heard, GoPro recently announced the Hero3, which means we need to put our in stock GoPro Hero2 cameras on sale.  To be more clear the Hero3 is actually 3 cameras, not one:  There’s a White, a Silver, and a Black edition, all of which come spec’d a bit differently.  The Hero3 Silver (the ‘middle’ version) is spec’d mostly the same as the Hero2, though it’s somewhat thinner and has built in wifi.

The cost of the Hero2 and the Hero3 Silver edition is the same ($350), so obviously we can’t sell the Hero2 for that price anymore.  What we’re offering now is a bundled Hero2 and the Wifi BacPac and Remote kit (originally valued at an extra $125) for just the $350 cost of the Hero2.

As mentioned the new Hero3 Silver edition does have built in wifi, but it doesn’t come with the remote, which will set you back another $100.  In other words you get the same spec on the Hero2 plus wifi and remote for $350 whereas a Hero3 Silver with a remote will cost you $450 in total.

Of course the Hero3 is smaller in depth (height and length remain the same) and as a result is also lighter. Beyond that the functionality is the same as the Hero2 so we thought you might be tempted by a Hero2 + Wifi BacPac + Remote deal.  We just have a couple left in stock so you better act on that temptation soon.