Salsa Beargrease is here!

We’ve received a couple of Salsa Beargrease’s into stock today and they are being built up as this is being posted.

For those who are unaware the Beargrease is sorta the new, faster, lighter (and yes, more expensive) cousin to the Mukluk. It uses a higher end aluminum, less long distance riding inspired do-dads welded to the frame and fork, different tires, and a slightly nicer all ’round spec to get its weight down considerably.

It also sorta has racier geometry; the frame is identical in all but head tube length compared to the Mukluk, but that small difference gets you sitting more aggressively on the bike.

Salsa has done a great job of explaining the differences and features so instead of retyping the whole thing we encourage you to check out their site, or come down to our shop to see the bike for yourself. Price will be determined soon but we’re looking at the $3200-$3300 range.

Update:  Here are a couple of pics of the finished build. Not bad at all! Oh, and the price is confirmed at $3200 plus taxes.