Orange Clownshoes

Well, the snow has arrived!…time for more FatBike news. Check out the Moonlander pictured above and below. We’ve featured the bike itself recently and already pointed out that it has the widest rim and tire accommodation of any mainstream FatBike on the road today, but what’s special about this one is that the 100mm wide Clownshoe rims are orange!

We actually had the frame set in stock already and ordered and built up a pair of the orange Clownshoes especially for this bike. Orange is a new colour for these rims and will be hard to come by, but we got our hands on one set. The rest of the bike is built up more or less as a stock Moonlander.

These rims are aching to roll over some fresh powder, so come and check ’em out today. What else are you going to do?

Update: It turns out that though these wheels came to us on spec they were purchased by the guy who owns the bike pictured and built up for him, so sadly (for everyone else), they’re gone from the shop now. We’d be happy to try to order someone else a pair though.  Besides, we’ll be featuring another gorgeous Clownshoe rim colour we have in stock tomorrow!