More Coloured FatBike Rims

More FatBike rim news: We have a couple more colours to tell you about. We have a couple sets of green, white, and red Holy Rolling Daryls in stock and we have built up a set of the red ones for your viewing pleasure above (though these ones are already accounted for). These are the 82mm wide rims that fit on either the Pugsley or the Mukluk. The rims are ‘double drilled’ so they can be built with radically offset or normal hub placement depending on which FatBike frame you have.

Below we’re featuring the VERY limited silver Clownshoe rims. The silver paint matches the silver flecks in the Moonlander paint job so these 100mm wide rims are an absolutely perfect match for that frame.

We didn’t actually anticipate getting in any silver rims but due to a packing error a couple arrived yesterday (the packing slip says they’re green, but to our surprise they’re actually the elusive silver). We just have the one set so if you want to upgrade your Moonlander, or if you want us to build up a new Moonlander for you with these gorgeous hoops just let us know. We’d be happy to oblige.