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The Moonlanders are back! If you’re looking for the widest tread you can pedal this is it…100mm wide rims and 4.8″ wide tires.

As we’ve detailed here before those rim and tire diameters require a special frame and fork, rear hubs used on the back AND front wheels, and a unique crank set up, all to make sure the chain doesn’t rub on the tire. If you’re proficient in the ways of Fatbike designs you can buy a Moonlander frame and fork and build it up yourself with parts you can purchase separately, or if you’re worried about comparability issues you can buy the complete bike from us for $2900.

The complete bike comes with a component mix including BB7 disc brakes, Deore r.d., and thumbie style top mount shifters. If you build the bike up yourself you may want to consider buying a new pair of coloured Clownshoe 100mm rims. We have a couple sets of coloured rims on their way and we’ll be sure to post more info about them as soon as they arrive.

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