Studded Tires

Maybe you’re not interested in being a part of the FatBike crowd but you still want sure footing on winter roads and paths.  There’s no better way to carve through the snow and stick to the ice on ‘conventional’ rims than by swapping your regular rubber for studded tires in the winter.

We have studded tires in stock for 700c / 29er and 26 inch rims in a few widths and in some cases from a couple of manufactures.  The studs are great for sticking to the ever-present winter ice but it’s also nice that the tires are designed with tread that will grip snow better than most summer tread patterns. The rubber compound is also softer on winter tires so it won’t feel like you’re riding on hardened steel.

We’ve got our winter tire selection out on display now so come and figure out what’s best for you before the snow flies!