Niner Colour Kits


Sometimes we feature new product here that is relevant to the masses. Other times we feature something that is only functionally relevant to a few, but we still think it’s cool for others to be up to speed on what’s out there.  This feature falls into the latter category, seeing as it’s only applicable to folks who have a Niner Jet 9 (RDO or Carbon) but even if you’re not fortunate to have one of these bikes the feature is pretty cool, and one that we’d love to see offered for other frames.

So what’s the scoop? You can now colour match the seat tube collar and all pivots on the frame to other components, swapping out the standard red with orange, blue, green, or black.  The pivot set will cost about $100.  We won’t likely stock them because it’s a pretty niche product but if you’re interested in bling’n out your carbon or RDO Jet let us know and we’d be happy to order them in for you.

And to all the spouses, parents, and significant others of carbon and RDO Jet owners out there, this is kind of a cool Christmas gift.