Wigwam Socks


Recent precipitation aside the weather has been not bad as of late (and besides, we need the rain) but we’d be pretty naive if we thought it wasn’t going to get much  colder.  No worries though, because we have Wigwam socks!  Specifically pictured above is the Silver Wool Walker sock. It falls under Wigwam’s “trail” sock category, and while you might think we’d be more inclined to feature something from their “Sport” or “Snow” categories we find that this sock is just about perfect for many of the winter conditions we find ourselves in.

It’s a thicker sock, so it might not be the best idea for barely sub zero cross country skiing, but for cooler skiing conditions and most winter biking it’s awesome.  In part that’s because although we’re calling it thick it isn’t bulky, it’s very form fitting, and it has a seamless toe, all of which enable it to fit nicely within the shoes or boots you usually wear with thinner apparel.

Because they’re made of Merino wool they help absorb and dissipate sweat, and as an added bonus they don’t smell bad.  The cushioned heal is another key feature. Maybe not as key as the high-ish top.  Nothing sucks worse then getting snow on your bare skin in between the top of your socks and the bottom of your winter pants. These socks create a nice overlap  between the two and keep the snow away.

They are our go-to winter foot apparel.  Pick up a pair for yourself and we think they’ll be one of your favourites too.