Bike Racks

The picture above illustrates what you can do with a good bike rack, though we’re not necessarily advocating stacking a 5 foot long parcel width wise on yours.

In truth we sell mainly rear racks though we special order a decent number of front mounts for customers. Some folks want to equip both the front and rear of their bikes with racks for the long haul, though there are various reasons for wanting one up front.

The shop employee who mounted the front rack to his bike above did so because he says it’s better to have one in the front than in the rear when bunny hopping. Your reasons may not be the same but rest assured that we have, or can easily order, just about any rack you want, to fit just about any bike, for just about any purpose.

In stock racks range in price from about $30 to over $100 and are made for most mountain, road, and hybrid bikes. It’s always best to bring your bike into the shop to determine which one(s) are the best fit for you because things like tube lengths and brake type make a difference.