END-TOMBED 12 Hr Race Oct 27

Our neighbours to the south have sent out an invitation to a well run 12 hour enduro mtn bike race near Grand Forks, ND. A few OCC members took part in the event last year and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Check out some of the race details below or go to their site for all the info.

END-TOMBED stands for Extreme North Dakota – Twelve hOur Mountain Bike of Enduring Delirium. It is a 12 hour long ‘lap style’ ride on a ridiculously fun 8-9 mile loop course at Turtle River State Park near Arvilla, ND. Riders can choose to ride in the solo category, accumulating as many laps as possible before time runs out, or as part of a 2-4 person relay team, trading laps with their team-mates however they want.

Riders have access to a fabulous lodge with a huge fireplace so they can warm up if it is cold, take a nap, socialize, carve pumpkins, etc. A great sound system playing a continuous mix of rider-chosen music keeps energy high, and electronic timing and live race updates via FaceBook and Twitter keeps allows for family and friends to keep track of the action even if they can’t cheer their racers on in person. And of course riders setting off on their last few laps after darkness are in for a special ‘spooky’ treat. Come celebrate Halloween with us!