Giant Revel 4 / Why shop with us?

The posts on this site our purposefully positive, but frankly there’s not much to be negative about because we love bikes and skis and writing about them is a pleasure (though we’d rather be riding). For a moment though we’re going to break our positive policy and use the Giant Revel 4 as an object lesson.

There’s an erroneous perception among a few that all bikes in independent bike shops like Olympia are expensive, and that the best deals on ‘cheap’ bikes are found in department and big box stores. We’re not about to bash those stores in general because they contain things that we buy and make good use of too, but their bikes aren’t among those things. Frankly, their bikes suck.

Not only are the bikes themselves typically made of substandard materials and components but almost without exception the stores can’t service them, can’t find unique replacement parts for you when things break, and often they can’t even assemble them correctly in the first place.

If and when they do actually stock bikes that are comparable in quality to the entry level stuff that we carry we find that the prices are strikingly similar to ours (though they still can’t offer after sales service like the free tune ups you get from us).

Take the Giant Revel 4 pictured above for example. At just $390 this mountain bike will get you where you need to go, and won’t give you any grief. Neither will we. We will fit the bike properly for you, make sure it’s tuned perfectly before you leave the shop, and tune if up again for free after the first month and yet again after the first year.

We share this with not out of concern for ourselves (business is going well) but because we want you to get a good bike that works!

Feel free to check out what we mean in person. You’re welcome to take any of our bikes for a no obligation test ride anytime. We can’t think of a more positive way to spend a little time.