Soon to Come Surly / Salsa Fat Stuff

We’ve been getting some questions about various new Surly and Salsa stuff, so we’re going to attempt to sort of, kind of answer them here:

1) What they heck is a Krampus and are you getting any? Krampus is a 29+ bike. Confused? Click this to learn more directly from Surly. We have a few on order, but ordering new stuff from Surly and Salsa is sometimes like making a Christmas list (except none of it is free, and we don’t know when Christmas will actually arrive). We hope a few will arrive in December or early in the new year, and we may not get all we asked for, but here’s to hoping.

2) Has Salsa really made a light FatBike?  Well, that’s relative, but the new Beargrease is said to weigh in at 28.5 lbs, far less than the stock 36+ lbs for your average Puglsey or Mukluk.  Our head mechanic swears 28.5 lbs is impossibly light for the reported spec’s and he makes a persuasive argument, but things will be settled when the bikes actually arrive.  Again, we’re hoping for near the end of the year or beginning of 2013, but we may just receive a lump of coal instead. The Beargrease is essentially a lightweight Mukluk with racier geometry and no ‘touring’ frills.  Translation here.

3) Any word on Rabbit Hole / Knard‘s, Husker Du‘s, or Lou & Bud‘s?  Sorta.  We know the 50mm rims and 3″ tires (spec’d on the Krampus mentioned above), the lighter FatBike knobby tires, and the knobby super wide front and rear specific tires (respectively) all exist, but when we’ll see them is anyone’s guess. Keep checking back because we’ll let you know as soon as we know more ourselves.

All of this uncertainty can be a bit frustrating, but hey, we’re on the cutting edge of something new and exciting here and you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren stories about waiting for your first sub 30 lb FatBike, your first set of knobby 4″+ tires, and the first sight of a larger than 29er but not exactly a FatBike bike. Exciting times!