Cyclocross Link Dump

Some of our customers are asking where to find up to the minute info on the soon to arrive cyclocross season.  While a simple google search containing the words “manitoba cyclocross” should get you where you want to go, here are a few direct links to help you out:

Cyclocross Manitoba blog – should have updates on all things related to the local scene as events approach.

Dark Cross – the 1st ‘cross race of the season, and the only one under the lights at night!

MCA Cyclocross Race Calendar – lists the upcoming 8 official ‘cross races.

Cross Labs – we don’t really know if/where an official site exists for info on cross labs, but there is an official press release that we recently posted here.

The sites above, or links contained therein, should get you everything you need except bigger legs/lungs and a higher lactate threshold.