Floor Pumps

We have some new floor pumps in stock.  Actually, they look suspiciously like the old floor pumps we had in stock but some of them are now a shiny orange colour.  Same great performance though, regardless of colour.

All 3 Blackburn pump models, the Air Tower 1, 2, and 3, work easily with whatever valve you’re using (Schrader, Presta, or the elusive Dunlop).  The biggest difference between the 3 is the max pressure they’re rated to deliver.  The 1, costing just $39, can pump your tires up to 120psi, which is good for almost all of our customers.  If you need more pressure the 2 and 3 offer 140 and 160 psi respectively.

There are a few other differences between models as well, but if you choose the right pressure rating they’ll get the job done.