Used Bike Update

This used Giant ATX mountain bike came to us by way of trade, as most of our used bikes do, and it’s a great deal for an average sized guy (the bike is size medium) at just $500.

With Deore components this is a competent hard tail ride. It’s spec’d with rim brakes but if you’d prefer discs it has disc ready hubs and fork/frame so it’s as simple as popping on some mechanical disc BB5’s for around $100 total additional cost to make the upgrade.

Below is a list of our other used bikes at the time of this posting:

Trek OCLV 9.9, XL, $1200
Trek carbon EX, $2800
Giant XTC Two x One, 19″, $599
Cannondale SuperX HiMod 58cm, $2600
Trek 2300, $690
Devinci Chicane, $550
Surly LHT, $1000
Surly Karate Monkey, 20″, $800
Marin San Anselmo, 19″, $550