Used Bike Update

It looks like there are no changes to our used bike list this week, so here’s a reposting of last week’s update.  We know the Cdale SuperX HiMod cyclocross bike below isn’t exactly pocket change, and the 58 cm frame requires a tall dude (or even taller dudette) but man, is it an incredible deal!

Norco ZX 80 20″ kids bike, $100
Giant MTX 240 24″ kids bike, $200
Giant ATX 860, M, $500
Trek OCLV 9.9, XL, $1200
Trek carbon EX, $2800
Giant XTC Two x One, 19″, $599
Cannondale SuperX HiMod 58cm, $2600
Trek 2300, $690
Devinci Chicane, $550
Surly LHT, $1000
Surly Karate Monkey, 20″, $800
Cannondale F3, $800