GoPro Wifi BacPac and Remote

We’ve been waiting for this for a while, but the wait is almost over.  Our American cousins recently received access to the brand new GoPro Wifi BacPac and Remote (pictured above is a sample, along with the Hero2 camera, purchased in the States by one of our customers who allowed us to review the item before we get our hands on our own) and in just a week or so they’ll be shipping to us!

The BacPac and Remote allows you to completely control your GoPro Hero or Hero2 remotely. This means no matter where you have the camera mounted on your bike (or boat, or motorcycle, or airplane, or whatever) you can change the settings, start and stop recording, etc. with the remote that’s wrapped around your wrist or hanging from a belt buckle.  The BacPac fits inside the camera’s waterproof casing and the remote is waterproof as well, so you can use it as fearlessly as you’ve come to use the camera itself.

Though we haven’t tested the remote with multiple cameras yet it is apparently capable of working with up to 50 cameras at once. While that might sound extreme for most applications, we can see the usefulness in situations where you have two cameras mounted to your bike at once and would like to conveniently toggle between which one is recording and in what settings without having to get off the bike.

What’s even cooler (in the opinion of this humble web editor) is that GoPro is soon to release an app for your iPhone or other smartphone that will allow you to use the phone as the remote instead of the supplied remote, with the added capability of streaming the video that’s being recorded directly to the phone for viewing.  What’s more, the app will allow you to stream that video, via your phone, directly to the internet, live!  Note that the Remote works with the Hero or Hero2, but syncing to use your smartphone as a remote and online streaming capabilities will only work with the Hero2.

As far as we’re aware the app won’t cost anything, but of course you have to have the Remote and BacPac, which retails for $99 in the US and we expect will come to us for only a few dollars more.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this exciting development, but from our initial test of the Remote (thanks Brian) we’re really stoked.