“Brands” now working

When we refreshed this website a bit a couple of weeks ago we still had a few things left to do, and though we haven’t stroked everything off the to-do list yet we can now say that the “Brands” link in the menu above is operational.

As we had mentioned previously we don’t have the resources to update the site with current bike stock info in real time (i.e. as product comes in and as it’s sold), but we have now listed most of the bikes we currently stock and their related prices.

We point out on each “Brands” page that the lists may not be completely accurate as our stock fluctuates but hopefully the info gives you a good idea of what we carry and how much things cost, and we’ll do our best to periodically update the pages so they offer at least a somewhat accurate portrait of what’s in the store.

Of course you can just forget about all the disclaimers above if you come down to the shop and check things out in person. We look forward to seeing you soon.