Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro App

We thought we’d follow up our recent post on the Topeak iPhone Dry Bag with some info on one of the related apps we’ve recently begun to use. It’s the Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro App, and for the record you can’t buy it from us – just go to iTunes and download it directly to your iPhone for $5.99. Then buy the dry bag from us so you can mount the phone to your bike and you’re good to go, with far more functionality than you’ll get from almost any conventional bike computer at less than the cost of the least expensive computer we have in stock (assuming you already own the phone of course).  The only thing this App and dry bag combo doesn’t offer you straight away is  cadence feedback.  While it appears you can actually buy a cadence sensor for the App it also appears you’d be ordering from oversees, and that the sensor hook up may not fit in the dry bag, so if you’re looking for cadence you may want to resort to a traditional bike computer.

What does this App provide? Ride Time, Distance, Altitude, and Speed, plus a GPS map noting where you are now and tracking your whole ride or a preloaded offline map if you know you won’t be within cellular coverage, and much, much more (we haven’t yet goofed around with features like Voice Feedback where, among other things, your friend or partner can cheer you on remotely while you’re riding!

What’s more, the main display is customizable and allows you to place your preferred pieces of information where you’d like them, and after the ride you can go beyond the main display to chart information too.

We know there are other similar apps out there, and we’ve used a few of them with varying degrees of success, but so far this is our favourite.  Check it out for yourself  and see what you think.