Topeak iPhone Dry Bag

This new product doesn’t exactly have the most innovative name in the world but the Topeak iPhone Dry Bag does exactly what it says. Actually it does more: It keeps your iPhone dry but it also mounts the phone to your bike’s bar, or stem, or whatever. What’s even more it leaves the phone completely functional inside the bag – you can swipe and press the home button just as if it wasn’t covered in plastic.

To be honest we were a bit skeptical that it would really work but it performs better than our best hopes.

So, if you want to use your iPhone as a bike computer, a GPS unit, or just want to read texts as they arrive (though we suggest you pull over to do that, and we insist you pull over to do that if you’re on a public road or bike path) this is the perfect product.

We currently have them in stock in white, and we’ll receive some black ones as soon as our distributor has more.