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Salsa Spearfish

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One of the shop guys ordered this frame in for himself but alas he realized it was the wrong size when it arrived, so now it’s on offer for anyone who wants to pony up the $2850, which is a pretty good deal for an X7 equipped dual suspension Salsa Spearfish.  It likely fits someone who’s 5’10” to 6’2″ or so.  Most importantly though, it’s orange!

If you’d like a slightly more technical review of the bike (i.e. if you’re not sold solely on the fact that it’s orange) check out the review recently written on twentynineinches.com.  Keep in mind that the reviewer built his bike up with different components, but we still feel the review is relevant.

Better yet, come down to the shop and throw a leg over the bike yourself, but if you do be prepared to open your wallet (no pressure though – seriously) because it’s pretty nice.

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