Titanium Mukluk

Just in the from the Department of Cool Bikes: We just built up a titanium Mukluk fat bike, and it looks gorgeous.  We may have featured the titanium frame on this site when it arrived (we’re too lazy we were riding too much to have the time to check) but here’s the complete bike!
It’s absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a weight on it before it went out the door but it’s sub 30 lbs for sure. Obviously that’s not the lightest bike in the shop, but considering the size of this wheels and tires, and the frame that’s built to accommodate them, it’s pretty darn good.
The weight is helped out somewhat by the new Surly Nate 120tpi tires, which are a huge weight savings on the original 27tpi’s.  It might be a little off season but we’ll try to post a feature on those tires in the days to come.