Used Bike Update

For some reason or other we don’t get many used comfort bikes coming in to us looking for new homes, but we did get one in yesterday so we’ve featured it above. 
It’s a women’s model Giant Cypress size small. This is a very popular new bike for us so we predict the used one will go fast, especially at just $350. 
Check below for our other used bikes in store at the time of this posting. 

Trek 9.9, $1500, XL
Karate Monkey, $800, 20″
Long Haul Trucker, $1000, L
Redline d660, $2000, 21″
Trek 2300, $690, 58cm
Giant TCR Aero, $550, 50cm
Giant Two x One, $599, 19″
Trek Carbon EX, $2800, L
Fuji Odessa, $150, S