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Blinkie lights are all pretty much the same, right? We’d forgive you for thinking so, until you check out the Blinder. With 4 LED’s that pump out 80 lumens in front and 44 in the rear these things are bright. They claim to be visible over 800 meters and we’re not going to dispute that. 
They have a 3 hour constant beam or up to 50 hours in flash mode, and they have a very discreet, simple, built in USB recharge system with no extra cables or converters – just plug the light directly into your USB hub or computer to get it going again. 
The Blinder comes in 4 anodized aluminum covers, it weighs only 35 grams, and it’s fully waterproof. No tools are required to easily install or uninstall from your bike in seconds. 
Honestly, they’re about as awesome as a blinkie light can get. We have a bunch in stock now for $50 each, so come and choose your colour today!
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