Big Fat Larry’s Fit Fine

In a previous post we demonstrated that the new Big Fat Larry FatBike tires can be mated with Rolling Daryll 82mm rims and still fit well within the Salsa Mukluk frameset. This is significant because the Big Fat Larry’s are almost a full inch wider than their already ridiculously wide little cousin, the standard Larry.
Until now though we haven’t tested the set up in real world riding conditions, but the bike you see as built above confirms that there’s plenty of clearance for the tires between both the rear triangle and the front fork, and there’s just enough chain clearance if you use two drive side spacers to move over your crankset (depending on the specific crankset we suppose).
So, there you have it.  Based on what we see here we think it might be possible that the Mukluk could even handle the larger 100mm Clown Foot rims, whenever they arrive, though getting the chain line right may be a challenge.  We’ll keep you posted.
Pics of the tire clearance after the jump…

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