Mukluk 2

We, and maybe you, are in luck! We thought we’d only be getting the Mukluk 2 in stock in spring (which doesn’t really make a lot of sense but what can you do?) but all of a sudden they’ve arrived!

The Mukluk 2’s are a higher end version of the base Mukluk Fatbike that we’ve been selling (the base model is a “3” for those who are keeping track). The 2 has a slightly upgraded drive train, BB7’s, anodized flat black frame with many nice red anodized components, and drilled out Rolling Darryl rims (with red rim strips that show through the rims nicely).

We don’t have a price at the time of this posting but will soon – we estimate it’ll be about $2500 to $2600, compared with $2100 for the 3.

The snow is flying, so come check out this fine looking Fatbike today.

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